Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Favorite Things

Here at our house we are waiting patiently for spring to come. We've been cooped up inside far too long and my kids can't wait to get outside and have some fun. Here are just some of the fun things we do to pass the time.

London is my little artist(you should see her masterpiece on my wall) and loves to color!! she is getting really good at using her words and asks everyday to color. she will sit there and just scribble for as long as it takes to cover a complete page. The only time she will stop is to get my attention to show me her newest creation.

The kids love to help mom cook. whether we are making sandwiches for lunch or sugar cookies, they have to be involved in the process. We are still working on the cleanup process!

making messes, is another one of Londons favorite things to do.

Hunter Loves to play pretend and everyday we are building something new. It can be anything from a mountain, a castle, a fort and even a spaceship. He cracks me up with all the new adventures he drags me and London into.