Thursday, March 4, 2010

Picture Day!!!

Last Thursday was picture day for the Lee family. I was so excited th night before I couldn't even sleep thinking of all the cute things I was going to put them in. But picture day does not always go the way we plan it! London is such a happy baby and is smiling all the time, so I thought she would be a natural. When we got London into the studio she would not crack one smile. The photographer and I tried everything! At one point when we were both on our hands and knees pulling funny faces and making silly sounds, I just sat back and started to laugh thinking how ridiculous we looked. Even after all that, no smile but we still managed to get some cute shots.
At first, Hunter was a little hesitant about taking pictures and he didn't like being told what to do especially when it came to sitting by his sister. Finally, when we got him alone and he realized that all the attention was him he was a star. All and all we survived and I just got some of the pictures back. As I look into those beautiful faces, I just can't believe they are mine!! I love my children so much and I live for those little smiles. I'm so grateful to be their mom and I love sharing them with you